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Richard Wilson

Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy Consulting

Richard is a partner in PwC’s Cybersecurity & Privacy Consulting practice. He helps boards and management teams understand and strategically defend against the rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats today. His unique board cybersecurity framework equips directors and management teams to have the right dialogue about cyber strategies, resources, processes, systems, and services.

He has 24 years of professional services experience, including 15 years in a CEO or COO role for publically traded and private companies.  He has more than a decade of experience advising boards and C-Suites on governance, strategy, organizational planning, risk, and risk response.

Richard has been published in Compliance Week, Canadian Business, and the Globe & Mail and is a keynote speaker on the cybersecurity & risk in Canada, the US, and Mexico. He is a former board member of CPA Canada’s Corporate Oversight & Governance Board.