Monday, April 15, 2019

4:45 PM

Welcoming Remarks

Joel Baker

President and CEO
MSA Research


Adam Segal

ICRMC 2019 Emcee and Director of Cyberspace and Digital Policy Program
Council on Foreign Relations

5:00 PM

State of the Union: Understanding the Threat Horizon

Dr. Phyllis Schneck

Managing Director and Global Leader of Cyber Solutions
Promontory, an IBM Company

5:45 PM

Playing Inside the Trust Economy: Recognizing the Value of Data in the Face of Regulatory and Technological Change

We are living in the 4th industrial revolution, which is characterized by advancements in technology, robotics, machine learning/ artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics.  We know that, in order to thrive in the face of this changing economic and social landscape, organizations need to leverage these new technologies.  We also know that critical and strategic decisions are driven through insights gleaned from the data a company holds and buys.  Data about people.  Data about performance.  Data about data.  With the proliferation of data breaches and the increasing number public discussions about the appropriate use of data (recall Facebook-Cambridge Analytica), companies have a strategic and business imperative to ask questions not only about what insights can be derived from data, but also, what ethical obligations do we have to the people who share their data.  Increasingly, our digital and data economy is being understood by consumers as a trust economy; one that is premised a social contract between customer and company to use data appropriately and for good purposes (economic or otherwise).  As companies disrupt themselves through the use of new tools like AI, having privacy, security and ethics engrained into the governance, design and ongoing operations of these solutions will greatly minimize reputational as well as operational risk; and, at the same time, will be a differentiator that will not only increase customer adoption of services, but ultimately lead to increased profitability. In this session, our panelists will discuss the evolving regulatory and technological landscape and how this impacts companies with respect to how they managed and use data, their obligations to protect data, and strategies companies can consider to manage privacy and security risks in the 4th industrial revolution.


Adel Melek

Global Vice Chairman, Risk Advisory
Deloitte LLP


Beth Dewitt

Partner, Risk Advisory
Deloitte LLP


Daniel Dobrygowski

Head of Governance and Policy,
World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity (C4C)

6:30 PM

Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Slice

7:30 PM

Dinner and Keynote Presentation

After the keynote, Mr. Hickton will sit down for a fireside chat with BNN Bloomberg’s Amber Kanwar

David Hickton

Founding Director, University of Pittsburgh Institute for Cyber Law, Policy and Security,
and former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania at the DOJ under U.S. A.G. Loretta Lynch

Amber Kanwar

Anchor and Reporter
BNN Bloomberg

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

Joel Baker

President and CEO
MSA Research


Adam Segal

ICRMC 2019 Emcee and Director of Cyberspace and Digital Policy Program
Council on Foreign Relations

9:30 AM

Security Practitioners' Perspective

Leading security practitioners handling real-world challenges will share insights in this roundtable session on security trends, compliance, risk management, and effectively communicating risks and solutions in terms that will resonate with corporate stakeholders. Thought leaders from RSA, Loblaw Company Ltd. and Dell will discuss how to effectively consume information in the quick-paced, security-threat landscape, prioritize execution plans, enable risk management and quantification as variables for decision-making, and how to properly balance compliance programs with routine and unscheduled security fires.


Doug Howard

Vice President
Global Service and IT Innovation


Vivek Khindria

Vice President
Cyber Security & Technology Risk
Loblaw Company Ltd.


Nick Steele

Deputy CSO

10:30 AM

Networking Break Sponsored by Cisco

10:50 AM

Concurrent Session A - Pulling Back the Curtain: The Future of Cyber Insurance

2017 was inarguably the most financially devastating year to date for companies who experienced a cyber breach. Around the world, these incidents resulted in the loss of billions in market capital, the firing or resignation of CISOs and CEOs and large scale government investigations. In a 2018 global survey by the Ponemon Institute, IT security practitioners were more pessimistic than in past years about their ability to protect their organizations from cyber security threats. Yet, despite this apparent increase in the frequency and severity of cyber losses, the cyber insurance market has continued to grow and evolve. This session will consist of a candid conversation concerning the state of the cyber insurance market, the evolution of underwriting cyber risk, the convergence of coverage, and cyber claim trends. More specifically, we will talk through key considerations in building an effective insurance portfolio (including information about the limitations of insurance), dispel the myths concerning coverage and claims, and share our insights from both an underwriting and broking perspective.


Greg Markell

President and CEO
Ridge Canada Cyber Solutions


Greg Eskins

Managing Director
Specialties Leader
Marsh Canada


Ruby Rai, CIPP/C, CRM

Manager, Cyber & Professional Liability
AIG Canada


Brian Rosenbaum

SVP, National Cyber & Privacy Practice Leader,
Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.

10:50 AM

Concurrent Session B - Corralling Cyber Operational Risk Controls and Measurement: GRI and FAIR Institute

There’s an old saying in marketing that “Half of your marketing dollars are wasted. You just don’t know which half.” Given the common state of cyber risk measurement practices today, you have to wonder whether the same is true of cyber-related controls. In this session, the panel will discuss some of the challenges that currently limit our profession's ability to identify and focus on the things that matter most, or understand the value of our controls. It will also discuss some of the misperceptions and challenges regarding cyber risk measurement that inhibit broader adoption of better risk measurement methods, and steps you can take to help make a difference.


Mike Stramaglia

Executive in Residence
Global Risk Institute


Thomas Davies

Associate Partner, Cyber Security
Financial Services Office


Jack Jones

Co-founder and Executive VP, Research & Development, Risklens
and Creator of Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR)


Cynthia Rojas Sejas

Vice President, Risk Services
S&P Global Market Intelligence

11:45 AM

Lunch and Keynote Presentation -
The Dark Side of Digitalization: Data as Friend and Foe in the Fight Against Cyber Crime Sponsored by AIG

With the continued advancement of digitalization, organisations are faced with a bigger attack surface, a greater degree of vulnerability and an increased risk of business disruption. Modern-day criminals are seamlessly executing increasingly sustained and sophisticated attacks across geographies, industries and institutions, harnessing better capabilities to achieve bigger impacts. Criminal groups are increasingly converging their malicious activities across areas such as cyber, fraud, physical and money laundering domains. A digitally-enabled criminal economy is growing at pace, with data as the new currency. Security must become a vital part of the digital strategy. Improving intelligence and insight is key to creating the visibility necessary to support earlier detection and better prevention. Collaboration and intelligence sharing across industry is needed to gain better insights into the methods and motives of adversaries as a means of driving a better response. Sir Rob Wainwright, former Executive Director of Europol, shares his first-hand experience of harnessing knowledge and data to gain visibility and drive effect in the fight against global threat actors. Organisations must connect more, to see more, to act better.

Sir Rob Wainwright

Partner, North-West Europe, Deloitte
and former Executive Director of Europol

1:15 PM

Mitigating Cyber Risk with Technology: What You Need to Consider

There are scores of technology options for cyber protection but how should an organization go about deciding what is the right technology option for its enterprise and risk profile? Our panel will discuss this issue from a user's perspective, providing a framework for looking at how businesses should approach procurement decisions around cybersecurity technology and the available options.


Steve Tenai

Aird & Berlis LLP


Azam Dawood

Head of Technology Procurement


Michael Eubanks

Senior Vice-President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer


Richard Wilson

Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy Consulting

2:15 PM

Concurrent Session A - Success and Failure: Lessons Learned from Recent Breaches and ISAC Success Stories, a Conversation

Organizations are constantly battling the onslaught of threat actors attacking their information assets. It has become best practice to work on improving incident response processes on an ongoing basis. Once breached, however, each situation is different and no matter how well you are prepared, things never go as planned. Alexander Rau, Senior Manager with Mandiant, and Rob Labbé, Director of Information Security at Teck Resources, will jointly discuss some of the lessons learned from publicly disclosed breaches to highlight key insights in possible improvements to processes, procedures during an incident response as well as third party engagement. As the co-founder of the MM-ISAC (Mining and Metals Information Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center), Rob Labbé will also share the advantages of being a member of an ISAC and the benefits of information sharing, training and staff development, working groups and collaboration that come from working with other organizations within your industry.

Rob Labbé

Director, Information Security,
Teck Resources Ltd.

Alexander Rau

Senior Manager, Consulting Services

2:15 PM

Concurrent Session B - Actuarial Perspectives on Cyber Pricing/Reserving/Aggregation Management, a Conversation

A Cyber Actuary and a Cyber Security Expert Walk into a Bar… Any discussion of cyber risk modeling usually starts with complaints about the evolving threat and scarcity of data. Thus far, actuaries have approached cyber risk with caution, even as the cyber insurance market has grown rapidly around them. Meanwhile, a small number of cyber security experts have taken steps to understand cyber insurance with the aim to establish a quantitative foundation for managing cyber risk. Join us for a conversation between two such individuals as they explore the tough questions and share their insights around cyber aggregation risk, silent cyber exposure, risk selection, reinsurance, and cyber catastrophe events, to name a few.

Ben Goodman

Founder and CEO
4A Security & Compliance

Jon Laux

Managing Director and Head of Cyber Analytics

3:00 PM

Networking Break Sponsored by EY

3:20 PM

Two Technologies: The Quantum and Blockchain Cyber Steam Trains - Swot Analysis

Quantum and Blockchain have gathered much attention in recent years due to their potential as intensely disruptive technologies. Unfortunately, what they really are and what their real impact could be is often misunderstood. The advent of scalable quantum computers will put at risk our current use of public-key cryptography to secure Internet communications and otherwise support our digital economy. This potentially devastating effect requires us to plan and put in place risk mitigation strategies for this so-called "post-quantum era". On the other hand, the use of blockchains has the potential to create distributed applications in the absence of a trusted third-party. This has vast-reaching implications in many sectors of our economy such as currency, banking, real-estate, supply chain, transport and even management. However, the use of distributed ledgers whose integrity is protected by blockchain technology can be inefficient, and in application domains where a trusted authority exists or is required it might not be an optimal solution to manage trust. So is blockchain the answer for managing trust in a post-quantum world? Well, it depends... This panel will address this and related questions, with the more general aim of demystifying Quantum and Blockchain, what they are, how they are related, and what it really means to all of us in the future.


Mike Cook

Managing Partner
Financial Services Sector


Laurence Cooke

Founder and CEO


José Fernandez

École Polytechnique de Montréal


Michele Mosca

CEO and President
evolutionQ Inc.


David Verbeeten

Domain Expert (Insurance)

4:15 PM

Cyber vs. Privacy: What are the differences? Why does it matter?

This panel will discuss the blurring lines between cyber security and privacy management both in terms of operations and regulatory requirements for leading organizations.  What is the role of the CISO?  And the Chief Privacy Officer?  Many see these roles as merging, but should they?  Are risk and liability reduced or compounded by a merged role? And what happens in the event of a crisis where the one function judges the other?  Join the discussion and debate as this esteemed panel looks at real life crisis, how they were managed, and the outlook going forward under regulations such as GDPR, PIPEDA, and the California Consumer Privacy Act.  From the opening views of ICRMC on the cyber threat and regulatory landscape, the panel closes ICRMC by making it real, with takeaways relevant to your organization.


Kirsten Thompson

National Lead of Transformative Technologies and Data Strategy Group,
Partner, Privacy & Cybersecurity
Dentons LLP


Anahi Santiago

Christiana Care Health System


Sooji Seo

Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer,

5:00 PM

Conference Wrap Up

Marilyn Horrick

MSA Research